Start your antique adventure here!

Join us at The Gin at Warrenton for a truly country start to your antiquin' shenanigans. Park here to be within steps of hundreds of vendors from across America. Our friends are just a stone's throw away, including those at Zapp Hall, Warrenton Inn (formerly Hillcrest Inn), The Dugout and more neighboring fields. All guests will enjoy music, free water, free sunscreen, and a familial welcome unlike any other venue in Fayette County.

Fall 2021 Antique Show in Warrenton, Texas

October 13th - October 29th

2023 Fall Show Dates


Day Permits


per vehicle or trailer
per day
no overnight parking

Overnight / Season Permits


per vehicle or trailer
for the whole show
access/park any time

RVs & Travel Trailers


per RV or travel trailer
for the whole show
includes water & electric
utilities provided by Warrenton Inn / W Venue

Charters & Shuttles


pick-up, drop-off and parking
ample room for charter parking and turnarounds

All vehicles and trailers staying overnight must be registered (driver name, phone number and license plate) with The Gin at Warrenton staff.



Scooters will no longer be available from The Gin at Warrenton.

Golf Carts

Golf carts are being offered for rent by our friends at Leaning Tree Rentals for half-day and daily periods.

$100 half-day$150 full day
Reserve a Golf Cart

Lodging & RV Spaces

Lodging and RV spaces are available at numerous neighboring properties, many within steps of The Gin's parking lot. Visit some of these helpful links to look for lodging/space or send us an inquiry and we will help you find a great place to stay for your party!

The Gin at Warrenton
4261 S St Hwy 237, Round Top, Texas 78954